Physician Portal

Simple and secure access to patient images and reports from any device.

 New  Velox Physician Portal

West Coast Medical Imaging is transitioning to a new RIS/PACs provider. All physicians are required to register for a new account that will provide real-time access to patient reports and images. 

Click here to sign up for access to our new physician portal.


Please allow 3 business days for your request to be processed

Important: As we continue to migrate patient data to our new RIS/PACs system, you may access the Intelerad Physician Portal for priors not yet available in the new portal. 

 Access to Intelerad Physician Portal

Click here to access the Intelerad physician portal.

Please note: This physician portal is only available for a limited time. To ensure no disruption to your access, please sign up for the new physician portal using the link above.